We believe in the life of Contracting as a flow of events – just like any sport made up by more than one man shows!

With SKYE rest assure that speed of flow capture

– Increased profitability today and tomorrow
– Opportunity and risk
– People skills and tools
– Free up capacity for development and special cases
– Scalable measures
– Courage and Kindness

With SKYE rest assure that speed of flow capture

The Future of Contracting – The Contracting Advantage

The field of Contracting is in the midst of tremendous change. We believe that this field will be in focus for the next 20 years. The traditional way of viewing contracts and contracting is under heavy scrutiny. Technology seems to be booming within the field and no one has missed the bold pictures in magazines of robots taking over work from individuals. AI, blockchain, robotics etc. However, technology has been around for a long time. The field of Contracts and Contracting has long been a concern of organisational silo structures like sales, procurement/purchasing, in-house and external legal advisors. And these areas have adapted very little or in some cases, not at all, to the potentials available. Artificial Intelligence and robotics is – in SKYE’s view – a perfect way to highlight – to shake things up and to take action.

But the measures and the key topics in order to generate average gain of 9.2% x your revenue (IACCM research) – has to do with the flow of events of contracting. SKYE CONTRACTS is based on research (IACCM), experience, being a leading player in understanding the change that is taking place now, and the drive to improve your profitability by means of the Contracting Advantage.

SKYE CONTRACTS is the refined and merged business of what was previously known as CBI or Contract Business Intelligence. SKYE went live at AtSix September 20 2017 by organizing the full day FUTURE OF CONTRACTING. The day after, as part of the Super Week Stockholm, SKYE CONTRACTS was on the panel at LEGAL TECH DAY 2017.

We encourage you to use your courage to make decision as to what is most relevant to your business.

We support implementation and training in order to gain speed without delay. Safety included.