About our company
What if...we build trust, strengthen relationships, induce productive behaviors, and make it simple?

We know that contracts and legal documents are complex, bureaucratic and confusing. That's why we actively design documents to ensure a clear, engaged and effective experience.

SKYE is a strategic and operational agency with an uncompromised commitment to the generation of true value based on our expertise in contracting, legal and related chain of events.

We are a fusion of experiences that makes up the understanding of contracting as the flow of different events.

Capturing real efficiency requires a mix of competences. And that is exactly what we stand for.
We empower organizations to save cost and automate work and processes.
— SKYE CONTRACTS Contracting and Legal flow by Design

Our projects and our inspiration
Recent Work
Prototype of Mockup App that facilitates legal information for different stakeholders.
The Terms of Business (TOB) for Providers was simplified and designed to be a user-friendly business tool.
Disputes management by visualization.
The Smart Contract model for Terms and Conditions Agreement was designed to be easy and fast to read. The definition of legal concepts are clickable and is also possible to see the comments right below of each clauses.
Previous Work
What we do
Straighten out your contracting business and legal flow by:
01 Contract Design
02 Meta data
03 Visualization
04 Certified processes
05 Lean
06 Managed services
07 Change Management
08 HR and cognitive services
09 Design Thinking and Legal Design
10 Contract Management Tools
11 Legal Tech
12 Training
An uber-flexible methodology to suit your unique needs
Diversity creates
We believe in forging lasting relationships based multi-disciplinary infusion. This facilitates cross-team collaboration, allowing faster and better decisions that unleashes unexpected results.
Future-proof support
We help you turn ideas into healthy, sustainable, and results-oriented businesses. To do this, we research and learn about the relevant aspects of your business, so that we can fully understand our mission and help you get exactly where you need to be.
Less noise. More action
We are not here to waste your time but to make your current business much more efficient and fun. We like to dive right in and move swiftly, keeping processes light so that we can focus on immediate ROI and low hanging fruits and generate ambassadors in your organisations by way of inspiration.
Epicentre of networks
Contracting, legal and related processes is probably one of the most underdeveloped processes in most organisations. That is why the potentials to generate cost-savings and other efficiency-parameters like even access to justice is immense. Our uncompromised commitment to be part of the evolution of the movement underway — has brought us to the epicentre and given us a world of contacts to the benefit of your results.
  • Courage and kindness
    We don't ask for much but being a bit courageous and dare to challenge ingrained orthodoxies. Or just making your day-to-day business more profitable, manageable, secure, and fun.
  • See though and stay relevant
    "One year of learning and thirty years or repetition". Contracting and legal flow is nothing but fully possible to have built in. The T-Shaped Lawyer concept gives a good view of the amazing opportunities that are yet to date caged by ingrained orthodox behaviour. Will the hybrid T-shaped Man be the holder of the most interesting opportunities the next coming decades? Our answer is yes!
  • Access to justice in reality — for companies, society as well as individuals
    Lack of understanding of business, contracts and law has immense consequences, such as costs, slow processes or worse.
Our team
  • Pierre Dicksson
    Partner at SKYE Contracts. SKYE is based on Speed, Simplicity and Flow. Pierre has a cross-over background fron Economics, Law, Swedish Armed Forces. Pierre is a visionary problem solver. Key weapons: user centric and visualisation. He has headed legal functions in internationally listed fast growing IT Companies and Public Sector.
  • Magnus Lindberg
    Partner at SKYE Contracts. Surfing the wave of Digital Transformation, inspiring organisations through contract re:design and commercial innovation. Bringing legal design thinking into the automation of contract management.
  • Joakim Eriksson
    Partner at SKYE Contracts. Joakim is both a management consultant and a specialist in public law, business law and financial law. He has held positions as municipal director and federal lawyer at SKR and had assignments for The Big Four, universities and the largest municipalities and regions. With his experience, he is perfect as a project manager for small and large projects and is used to everything from analysis to transformation. Joakim emphasizes the importance of starting simple. Everyone should be able to understand. It is the basis for coping with the most complicated challenges.
  • Victoria Vazhinskaya
    Victoria speaks Visualize! Victoria is a business development manager who advocates visualization in many shapes and forms. Design is a powerful tool to drive change as well as to unite and align. Animations, infographics, illustrations are realized by good project management by this.
  • Ye Yang
    Ye speaks efficiency. Ye has a multicultural business management background that enable fast conversion having HR and cognitive in mind. Efficiency and contract management processes with a 360-understanding. Ye is currently focusing Contract Management by use of tools like Microsoft 365.
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